Our success is customer’s satisfaction on the provided services. However in fact there are unforeseen risks which happen to our customers. In order to protect lovely customers’ benefits we are pleased to offer important cancellation, refund policy and non-refund policy. Please take a look carefully on this statement before applying visa online.

Cancellation Policy

A. Visa booking

According to working time of Vietnam Department of Immigration, we submit all visa applications twice in a working day. They are 08:00AM and 13:30PM Vietnamese time.

– In case you submit visa application from 08:00AM to 13:30PM we are submitting it in Vietnam Department of Immigration at 13:30PM on the same day.

– In case you submit visa application after 13:30 PM we are submitting it in Vietnam Department of Immigration at 08:00AM in the next working day.

If you send cancellation requirement at [email protected] before our submitting time we will cancel and make full refund to your account. Once your visa application is submitted and proceed we cannot reimburse payment.

Cancellation requirement is approved when we send back confirmation of refund Email. We are not completely responsible in case is that your cancellation mail is failed or come through yet.

B. Fast check in and Car pick up booking

Cancellation Requirement is approved if you send it to our email [email protected] for 24 hours prior to the primary departure time.

We try all our best to serve you in the best way.

Refund Policy

We are ready to reimburse money in cases as below:

– The customer sends cancellation which is against above cancellation policy.

– Visa application is denied by Vietnam Immigration of Immigration.

– Our provided services are not made as your requirement.

* The reimbursement is accomplished within 2 working weeks. Money will be credited back online to the original credit card used for payment.

Non-refund Policy

– Visa application is proceed successfully. It is important that you have to apply visa with correct information against your passport. We are not responsible if refused entry or un-expected extra payment caused by wrong information. So that we highly recommend that you should check your information on visa approval letter carefully as receiving it.

– Your visa approval letter is used for travelling by air only. When applying visa through our website that means you have agreed that you get your visa stamp at Vietnamese airport. We will not refund visa service fee if you enter Vietnam by other way.

– We will not refund because of Vietnam Immigration Officer’s faults at Vietnam airports. They sometimes glue wrong visa sticker on your passport. For sure please check again your information on visa sticker.

– We will not refund if you paid for a visa application at Embassy or Consulate. In this case please contact directly the Embassy or Consulate for the refund.

We have the right to modify these Cancelation and Refund, Non- refund policy without prior notice.

For cancellation or refund request, please email to: [email protected].

Warm Regards,

Vietnam Visa Agency